With Lieberman I spent one year working as their Colorist on their TV ads and infomercials before they closed doors December 20th of 2019. They were exclusive to Proactiv brand and Meaningful Beauty, and their workflow was created around Avid. When I was offered the job they were looking for a more efficient finishing workflow; at the moment they were using Symphony and wanted to add efficiency when using Resolve as they at times send their color out to MFD or SpyPost. After my review and just a few months we integrated a Resolve workflow, but most importantly, we added Baselight for Avid which improved and fit right into our workflow very well; it became our main Grading tool.
Lieberman held 30-50 artists in-house: editors, MoGFX artists, image retouchers, sound engineers, and at any given time there were 5-10 artists working on the same cut. We constantly held meetings to share best practices and new tips and tricks; and my role required me to be sensitive to multiple styles that often varied between the DP, Director, lead editor and the client. 
Aside form the consistently evolving workflow and the personal styles between my associates, another challenge was to work under their legal restrictions. A company like Proactiv would not be able to retouch or fix skin blemishes and defects on talent; also a lot of their content was user provided, and it was often shot with mobile phones and at low or compressed quality. As a colorist I’m always looking to polish and so I often would need to pull back and limit some of my usual corrections, so at stylizing and correcting we would tend to be soft, subtle, and yet because the audience is young it needed to be very colorful and tasteful.
Working at LIEBERMAN was definitely rewarding and always challenging. The level of artistry and talent was exceptional and I am honored to have been part of it during their last year. THANK YOU  Lieberman for the opportunity to grow.

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